Building a necklace with 2 hearts

This is a simple tutorial that will teach you how to build a necklace with 2 hearts. The techniques that will be used are edit mesh and mesh smooth.

Building the heart: create a 3x4x2 box like in the image:
Apply an edit mesh modifier on the box and start modeling from the top view:
Move vertexes, or select them 2 by 2 (from the edges) and then scale down like in the images:
this is how the object should look now:
Next, select all the edges from the middle of the object, and then scaled them :
Now in the top view select the 2 edges marked with red (in fact you will select 4 edges, 2 edges on top and 2 on bottom but be sure not to have the "Ignore Backfacing" options checked in the edit mesh menu). Then move or scale (if you select all the 4 edges, if not, you will have to move the vertices for top and for bottom part):
you must do the same with other 4 + 4 vertices.
Next apply a mesh smooth with 3 iteration:
Create a torus and place it near the heart closely enough to create the sensation that was glued to the object. Then select and link the torus to the heart (this makes the heart the parent of the torus). Next select the torus and the heart and copy them (press shift and move the objects) to a location close to the original heart. Also create a plane and place it beneath the hearts. Then select the first heart and rotate it on the y and x axes. Now you do the same with the second heart but also you rotate it on the z axes, too. Be careful when rotating that the hearts don't intersect the plane.
The larger link is made from a torus with few segments and sides that I modified using edit mesh.Then Mesh smooth.
The normal links are made the same, using a torus with few faces: I selected the left vertices and rotated them on y axes. You do the same with the right vertices. Then you mesh smooth them.
Now you must create a spline that lies on the plane. Make sure that the spline is passing thorough the middle torus.
Next you'll use the spacing tool to multiply the smaller link to make the necklace. The spacing tools works just like the array tool only has some additional options, like choosing the spline you want your objects to follow . Be sure to check the options like in the second image:
This is how the scene should look:



  copyright Razvan Maftei