My name is Razvan Maftei, I live in Timisoara, a western town in Romania, I've been into computer graphics and programming since high school when I competed with success at different demoparties (Reunion and Dracula demoparty) as an 3D artist. I have 2 degrees in Informatics and Informatics Technology obtained at the West University (mathematics/informatics section), although after completing the university I only focused on 3D modeling and rendering and not so much programming.

Some of my professional achievements consists in the fact that I was selected in the Expose 3 book from Ballistic Publishing, and also won the first prize at the 2005 Animago Contest in Germany, the transport category.

I've been doing freelance 3D/2D work for 9 years, I work fast and clean, give plenty of feedback to my customers and I'm honest and try to satisfy my clients. If you need any work done, drop me an email at or

I have experience in these fields:

  • photorealistic rendering
  • custom object modeling (prototypes)
  • vehicle modeling, animation and photo realistic visualization
  • mechanical animation and visualization
  • medical animation and visualization
  • architectural modeling and rendering
  • magazine illustrations
  • video compositing
  • low poly modeling and texturing

Here are some of the clients I worked for, full time or freelance. Because for some clients I signed NDA papers, I cannot show their name or any of the work that I did for them.